​​At Demium we invest in entrepreneurial talent. Founded in 2013 and after its subsequent expansion in Europe, Demium's mission is to play an important role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to be a point of reference in talent investing.

We support entrepreneurs and startups throughout the course of their journey, from finding a co-founder and finishing building their team to polishing the initial idea, validating their business model, and securing seed capital. For the latter, we count on Think Bigger Capital and its €50M investment fund which is the asset management company we created in 2020 aiming to invest in technological and innovative startups in Europe.

  • Team building activities: only good vibes :)

  • We are baby - friendly ;)

  • Casual dress-code: we don't believe in suits!

  • Javi Torregrosa

    Head of Talent

    “ By working at Demium you will be helping entrepreneurs who are trying to transform our society through innovation. ”

  • Ramón Rubio

    Head of Incubation at Demium Málaga

    “ For me, work at Demium means feel alive, been an agent inside the andalusian ecosystem contributing to make entrepreneurship more accesible it makes me me feel self-realised, it is a nice mission and love when people is thankful to you for your work ”

  • Clara Magraner

    Financial Controller

    “ While working at Demium you can improve not only your analytical skills but as well communication and decision making, and learning about start-up world at the same time. ”

Meet our team at Demium

  • Bart

    Head of Incubation Warsaw

  • Nacho

    Software Developer

  • Paola

    Head of Incubation Madrid

  • Ana

    Head of Finance

  • Ana


  • Monte

    Managing Partner

  • Jaime

    General Partner Iberia

  • Javi

    Head of Talent Valencia

  • Jon

    IT & Product Manager

  • Jorge

    Executive Chairman & Founder

  • Salva

    Head of Incubation Valencia

  • Nines

    Head of Incubation Valencia

  • Desantes

    Regional Manager

  • Manu

    Regional Manager

  • Diogo

    Programme Director

  • Ramón

    Head of Incubation Malaga

  • Darek

    Head of Talent Warsaw

  • Carmen

    Head of Talent Madrid

  • Ana

    Head of Talent Malaga

  • Clara

    Programme Manager Malaga

  • Magraner

    Financial Controller

  • María

    Marketing Manager

  • Ievgeniia

    Head of Incubation Kiev

  • Nacho Sánchez

    Head of Incubation Madrid

  • Bernardo

    Head of Incubation Lisbon